The Creative Impostor Collective
The Creative Impostor Collective
Andrea Klunder

Welcome to The Creative Impostor Collective

Social community for multi-disciplinary creatives who champion each other's work/life goals

About Us

We provide a collaborative, virtual environment where creativity (blogs, podcasts, videos, writing, visual art, photography, social media, etc.) is more enjoyable and less isolating among like-minded souls. 

We're a passionate, candid bunch! Our members thrive in a space that is safe for sharing works in progress, providing constructive feedback, and engaging with new ideas. Here, vulnerability is encouraged, and personal growth fostered. 

Originally founded in 2012 by Andrea Klunder, media strategist, producer and host of The Creative Impostor,  as a meetup for Chicago creatives, this once hyper-local collective of multidisciplinary women has expanded to include members located around the world. 

Our community welcomes new and established creatives whose artistic outlet is a hobby, a passion, a profession, or all of the above. 

We welcome people who identify as cis or trans, as well as non-binary folks who are comfortable in a space that centers the experiences of women. 

We honor diverse perspectives and actively support each other's creative endeavors. 

Why You Should Join

Free membership means you can enjoy the company of other creatives. Get virtual support and (someday soon!) participate in in-real-life meetups. The Collective is a great way to beat creative blocks, banish self-doubt, and test-drive projects-in-process with folks who share your non-traditional work/life values. 

We currently meet via:

  • Semi-weekly Community Zoom: check in with your goods & gripes, give voice to an intention or goal, share resources that inspire or educate

  • Virtual Socials: arts & crafts happy hour, game nights, holiday happenings

  • Live Roundtable Discussions: for The Creative Impostor Podcast

  • Online Classes & Workshops: especially around podcasting since that's what I love to teach!

Our Creative Impostor Essentials enhance your community engagement:

  • Exclusives. That means content, conversations, and events you can't find anywhere else. 

  • Cohorts. Meet members who share your interests, who live near you, or who care about the same topics.

  • Engagement. Swap stories, experiences, and ideas (not necessarily advice) around our shared mission.

  • Inspiration. Find thought-provoking conversations, diverse perspectives, and exciting resources.

Did we mention that it's FREE to join? 

Become a part of our growing community and create something meaningful.